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Humpty Dumpty Circus


for Sale

Updated:Thursday February 21, 2019

Condition guide descriptions:

Mint - Without flaws of any kind. No excuses for age. Pieces in this condition are extremely rare even for those commonly found. Most H-D circus pieces are not known in this condition.
Excellent - Displayable in even the best quality collections. Minor flaws in paint and costume. Rarely does one find Humpty Dumpty circus pieces any better.
Very Good - Some paint loss or costume flaws. Still a nice display piece. Suitable for all but the fussiest collectors. Rare pieces are very acceptable in this condition.
Good - Quite displayable but has considerable paint or costume damage.
Fair - Looks pretty bad, ugly looking paint or clothing.

Poor - Barely acceptable condition for circus displays. Might benefit from some restoration.
Rough - Too poor to restore. Suitable for repainting to look like an original or for fantasy circuses. 

Areas of damage, repaint, missing or replaced parts are described. Symbols +- are used to describe little better then, or worse than condition code standard.

Postage via Priority mail within the 48 contiguous states is included in price unless otherwise indicated. Will quote a final discounted price with shipping for purchase of more than one piece. I will quote shipping outside of the USA. We have customers in Australia, The Netherlands, Switzerland and other countries. Money back if not satisfied.   

How to Buy
If you are interested in purchasing any item in this shop, contact Jim at: and tell me what you are interested in. 

I can take payments through:

or checks.

I will quote shipping outside of the USA to almost any country.

This page updated Thursday, February 21, 2019

All pieces carry a money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

All pieces are regular size unless otherwise indicated.

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Item number

(unsold pieces are shown in green or blue)

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**New pieces added on 3 January 2019**
See below


GE Pig - complete and all original. Very good paint with just a few surface scuffs here and there. He still retains a pinkish hue on his belly. Very pretty - Sold


PE Brown Bear - complete and all original except for ears. Ears are made from Schoenhut horse saddle leather. Paint is nice except for a few areas of loss on his right shoulder. Cute bear - Sold

JSA-2c Reduced size hippo -  Complete and all original. About as good as you can find these. For your reduced size display or a baby hippo in your regular size circus. Sold    
JSA-2d GE Buffalo - the rarest style of the buffalos. This one is complete and all original. In very good, very attractive condition. Deeply carved head. $750  
JSALN-2e Reduced size Bactrian camel - excellent, complete condition with some light chipping around face mainly. $290
JSAMS-2f Glass Eyed Pig - complete and all original except that his ears were salvaged from another old Schoenhut animal. Ears look original and are in great condition. Nice looking pig. Piant is very good. Pigs are smart animals and often performed in circuses. Sold  
JSA-2g GE Arabian Camel - right glass eye a replacement otherwise complete and all original. Paint is very good. Sold
JSAMS-2h GE Elephant - replaced trunk tip otherwise complete and all original. Paint is nice and glossy. $190  
JSA-2i GE Rhino - replaced tail otherwise complete and all original. Paint is very good - a little rub on his top rear. $350  
JSA-2j PE Wolf - in excellent, complete original condition. These are very hard to find especially in this nice. The wolf is a circus and farm animal. $980
Pennsylvania Collection We just got in on 22 Oct 2017, a fine collection of Humpty Dumpty circus pieces from Pennsylvania.
Click here to see them.
New Mexico Humpty Dumpty Circus Collection For Sale We have received a large collection of Humpty Dumpty circus pieces from a long-time collector. There are so many, we have set up a separate sales page for them. Go to this page by clicking here.

GE Donkey - excellent, complete, and all original. Very nice example.  Sold

JSALN-4a PE Giraffe - true paint eyes on a molded head. Paint very good on body and good on head. Original ears and tail. Sold

JSALN-4b PE Lion - body paint very good, head paint fair. Replaced tail. Sold    
JSALN-4c GE Rabbit - complete and all original. Paint loss overall. Original ears and tail. Very cute looking rabbit despite paint loss. This is one of the rarest of the Humpty Dumpty circus animals. Sold  
JSALN-4d PE Cat - carved head. This is the first painted eyes cat. Has a hemispherical neck. Original leather tail. Paint good. Her left eye is damaged and could be restored to look better. Whiskers are new. Rare Humpty Dumpty circus animal. Sold  
JSALN-4e Delavan White Horse - missing her head plume. Back split near neck. Sold    
JSA-6 GE Buffalo with cloth mane. Complete and all original. Hard to find this nice. Mohair mane retains about 40% of its fur. Body is excellent. Probably the earliest buffalo style. Has a blank factory applied metal button on his belly. Sold
JSAMS-7a PE Wolf - complete and all original. Ear leather is strong. This is one of the rarest of the Humpty Dumpty circus animals. Would be hard to beat this example for quality. Wolves have been, and still are, used in circus acts. Sold

Reduced size bear - original ears and tail. Eyes touched up. Paint is excellent. Sold


Reduced size rhino - paint very good overall. Left eye touched up. Small repair under horn on nose. Sold

JSALN-10a PE Polar Bear - complete and all original. Paint loss overall. Pleasing golden tones. A nice example. Sold  

GE Kangaroo - complete and all original. Paint is in excellent condition - just a couple of scratches on his right side. From my collection. Sold

Contact Jim at about any of the circus pieces on this page. Email me any questions you have and your want list too. 

PE Donkey - excellent example. Complete and all original. Sold

Contact Jim at about any of the circus pieces on this page. Email me any questions you have and your want list too. 

PE White Horse - very good paint. Complete and original except for red platform strap. Sold

JSAJM-15 GE Elephant with blanket - blocky body. Blankets very nice, body very good. Complete and all original except trunk tip is a very well made replacement. Sold  

PE Alligator - beautiful paint. All original except for replaced leather feet. Sold


PE Bulldog - complete and all original. These are hard to find especially with an original leather collar with metal studs The collars are usually either missing or a replacement. Some paint missing from face but still retains a cute expression. Sold


PE Burro - no hole in belly. Complete and all original. Paint is very good. Areas of golden lacquer on body - probably factory applied. A cute little fellow. Sold


GE White Horse - complete and all original. These white horses usually have white cotton string tails but this one has the much rarer wool tail. There are several examples known with the wool tail. The platform fringe is an early and rare style. The beautiful golden color of the factory applied lacquer is evident all over. Sold

A white horse with the same style of wool tail and platform fringe was sold by Bertoia Auctions last year.

JSA-20 PE Bactrian Camel - complete and all original. A later production example. Beautiful paint. Out of a fine collection. $280    
JSA-21 Animal coming -          
JSA-22 PE Zebu - complete and all original. A fine example from a great collection. Expressive eyes. $550  
JSA-23 PE Ostrich - excellent condition, complete and all original. Great looking, expressive face. Sold  
JSA-24 PE Leopard - body very nice but head is not so good. Needs a home. Nose repainted. $150  
JSA-25 PE Giraffe - body pretty good but head has been in a fight. Head is true painted eyes and molded. original ears. Needs a home. $170    
JSA-26 PE Arabian Camel - a real beauty. Out of one of the finest collections. True painted eyes. All original and complete. $380  
JSA-27 PE Polar Bear - complete and all original. From a great H-D circus collection. Beautiful golden tones over white. Few examples out there are his equal. $660  
JSA-28 PE Buffalo - a beautiful example of this circus animal. Complete and all original. From one of the great collections. Buffalo were often used in circuses especially in wild west shows. $380    

GE Donkey with Red Blanket - very good to excellent condition. Complete and all original. Some blanket felt missing. $160

Reduced size with regular size circus
I mix the reduced and the regular sized pieces in my circus display.
JSAJE-30 Reduced size donkey - decal eyes. Very good condition. Sold      
JSALN-31 PE Hippo - Complete and all original. Good looking fellow in good to very good condition. 1920s Sold  
JSALN-32 PE Ostrich - Very pretty and scarce version of this great bird. Complete and all original. Near excellent. 1920s. Sold  
JSALN-33 PE Rhino - Complete and all original. Paint is in good to very good condition. 1920s Sold  
JSALN-34 PE Pig - nice pigs are hard to find. This one is complete and all original. Almost excellent paint. Sold  
JSALN-35 PE Poodle - Still has the tail ruff. 1920s. Complete and all original. Paint is good to very good. Sold  

(no item)


(no item)

JSALN-38 PE Buffalo - complete and all original. Excellent paint with some pleasing wear to head high places. Buffalo were used in both circuses and Wild West shows. Sold  

(no item)


(no item)

JSAD-41 GE White horse - very good condition. Missing part of mane. Thin crack down one side. Strong dappling. Sold    
JSA-42 Twistum Pig - from the Twistum Circus ca 1920s. In good condition. Colors bright. Damage to back of one foot. $110
  I buy Schoenhut Humpty Dumpty circus collections. I also buy European versions of this circus.

Consignments also welcomed. Email Jim for details.