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Schoenhut Dolls

We have photographed several important Schoenhut doll and toy collections. Click on these navigation bars or images at right to see them:
Pinn Dolls Classic Dolls

A Pair of Schoenhut Dolls

A Pinn Doll Family

Photo by Jim Sneed from the collection of Susan Turner

A 16" Schoenhut #203 model wearing outfit #813 which is a factory original outfit. This is a very desirable doll.

Photo courtesy of Sandy Brooks

Through the Eyes of a Child

Albert Schoenhut brought out his line of dolls in 1911. His ad in the March issue of Playthings displayed the incredible poseability of his uniquely jointed dolls.  The heads though bore striking similarity to Kammer and Reinhardt's 101, Gebruder Heubach's 7622 and a model by Swaine and Co.  A paper tag in the shape of a shield identified the dolls as "Schoenhut All Wood Perfection Art Doll". Schoenhut's dolls were a popular product in America, especially as war approached and it became more difficult to obtain dolls from Europe.  Some Schoenhut collectors specialize in just these dolls.  A Schoenhut doll reference and identification resource can be found at Sandy Brooks' beautiful Web site Through the Eyes of a Child
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