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Teddy Roosevelt's

Safari Member Photos

Teddy Roosevelt's African Adventure member photos from 1909-1910. 

The non-native members of the expedition were:

Theodore Roosevelt, bwana, age 50
R.J. Cunninghame, guide
Kermit Roosevelt, photographer, age 21
Edmund Heller, zoologist, age 34
J. Alden Loring, zoologist, age 38
Edgar A. Mearns, physician, age 52
Leslie J. Tarlton, adjutant guide



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Teddy Roosevelt's safari members 

From top left: unknown native, Teddy, Dr. Mearns (likely), Unknown

From bottom left: Cunninghame, Kermit, Unknown

Teddy referred to Heller, Loring, and Mearns as naturalists. Both Teddy and Kermit knew something about taxidermy and the naturalists probably knew taxidermy as well. Dr. Mearns was a respected naturalist and formerly an Army surgeon.



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Left to Right:  R. J. Cunninghame - head guide for Newland & Tarlton, Kermit Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt, Newton, and Tarlton in 1909. 

Newland and Tarlton formed a safari service in East Africa in 1904 that is still in business. Teddy contracted with them for guide services. Their head guide was R.J. Cunninghame shown at far left.



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Edgar Mearns

Joined the expedition as a naturalist and physician.


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Edmund Heller

Joined the expedition as a naturalist.



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John Alden Loring

Joined the expedition as a naturalist.



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Kermit Roosevelt

Kermit was the official photographer. Apparently, he was clean shaven during the safari.



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R. J. Cunninghame

This may have been the inspiration for one of the TR characters although the guide is shown, in one Schoenhut catalog picture, with a pith helmet and moustache.