Czechoslovakian Ramp Walkers

Shuffling Charlies

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CRWAB-1 Elephant Walker - cute face. Paint loss all over. Stamped on hoof "Made in Czechoslovakia" Sold
CRWAB-2 Birds - $25 each  
CRWAB-3 Bird - $30  
CRWAB-4 Dog - nice condition. Sold
CRWAB-5 Man - good condition. Sold  
CRWAB-6 Monkey - nice condition. Sold  
CRWAB-7 Parrot - nice condition. Sold  
CRWAB-8 Bird - nice condition. Sold  
CRWAB-9 Monkeys - $15 each  
CRWAB-10 Man in Red Suit - marked "World's Fair Chicago" - "Czechoslovak Exhibit". Sold  
CRWAB-11 Dog - $35  
CRWAB-12 Monkeys - $35 each  
CRWRM-13 People - fair condition. $12 each plus shipping.  
Wilson Walkies

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