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We are pleased to offer the following old toys for sale. 

Please email Jim at jlsneed2@bellsouth.net for additional information about any toy. 

All prices include shipping with insurance within the continental USA. We will ship to certain other countries.

How to Buy
If you are interested in purchasing any item in this shop, contact Jim at: jlsneed2@bellsouth.net

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  All toys are sold with a money back guarantee if returned within 14 days. 
You will only pay the return shipping costs.

We buy old wooden toy collections. Email Jim at jlsneed2@bellsouth.net. Please send good photos of your collection or toy. We will usually ask for additional photos.

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 Toys for Sale
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Offers considered especially if for more than one  item. Prices include shipping to 48 states.

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JLS-1 Punch and Judy set of 11 characters. Includes rarely seen devil and ghost. Each is about 13.5 to 15.5 inches tall. Very good to excellent condition. Sold
KK-1 Punch and Judy - very old, possibly late 1800s, hand made for an actual Punch and Judy professional show. All of the clothing appears very old and original to the pieces. A few small repaired tears to Punch's hat. They stand together to make a great display. They have their bats. Punch is about 21 inches tall and Judy about 17 inches tall. Both have wood cracks due to age.  $800



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JLS-1a Scarey Ann Irishman - only known example. Similar to Paddy figure. Hat moves with lever. Heavy crackling. Green paint loss around hat brim. Sold    
RM-2 Tricycle Tom - a Kohner Bros. Toy. Rare original box. $220    
RO-1 Crandall's District School - 11 figures plus original box. Excellent overall condition. Missing leg piece from one figure. Great 1870s toy. Sold  
RO-2 Noah's Ark. Chad Valley. Probably ca 1940s. Excellent condition. $80 IMG_1128R750.jpg (379470 bytes) IMG_1129R750.jpg (339955 bytes)      
RO-3 Fire Engine - all heavy metal. Missing some parts. Would be a great display piece. Make unknown. Probably ca 1930s. 15X4.5X8 inches. Sold IMG_1150R750.jpg (369759 bytes) IMG_1151R750.jpg (362353 bytes) IMG_1152R750.jpg (367164 bytes) IMG_1153R750.jpg (350739 bytes)  
RO-4 Humpty Dumpty game. Great graphics. Made in Great Britain. Appears complete. Contents good. $75 IMG_1154R750.jpg (376746 bytes) IMG_1155R750.jpg (320571 bytes)      
RO-5 American Flyer typewriter. Probably ca 1950s. Beautiful condition. All metal typewrite. Actually types. Box 11X5X6 $140 IMG_1156R750.jpg (377787 bytes) IMG_1157R750.jpg (364208 bytes) IMG_1158R750.jpg (344225 bytes) IMG_1159R750.jpg (342513 bytes)  
RO-6 Blox Stix pull toy building set. Box is 12X8X2. Box good, contents excellent. $50 IMG_1163R750.jpg (377141 bytes) IMG_1164R750.jpg (336669 bytes) IMG_1165R750.jpg (290864 bytes)    
RO-7 Robin Toys Tugboat Assembly. Probably 1930s-1940s. 12X12X3 inch box. Three nice wood boats inside. Excellent condition. Boats look unused. Sold IMG_1166R750.jpg (302137 bytes) IMG_1167R750.jpg (704640 bytes) IMG_1168R750.jpg (354667 bytes) IMG_1169R750.jpg (357926 bytes) IMG_1170R750.jpg (306439 bytes)
RO-8 Gong Bell toy voice phone. Box in very nice condition. Phone in excellent condition. Sold AplGongPhone1.jpg (521835 bytes) AplGongPhone2.jpg (435117 bytes) AplGongPhone3.jpg (755794 bytes)  
RO-9 Gong Bell Pla-Phone. Phone very good, box fair-good. $65 AplGongPhoneRed1.jpg (412743 bytes) AplGongPhoneRed2.jpg (426507 bytes)    
RO-10  Block Stix pull toy building set. Box is 12X16X2 inches. Box good, contents excellent. Price on request. IMG_1171R750.jpg (349538 bytes) IMG_1172R750.jpg (352088 bytes)      
RO-11 Gong Bell GongBellMonkeyHorse1R1200.jpg (898459 bytes) GongBellMonkeyHorse2R1200.jpg (911939 bytes)      
ROJLS-11a Pressman wooden soldiers - probably from the 1920s-30s Box is about 23 inches by 17 inches. Each soldier is about 8 inches tall. Soldiers have never been removed from their box. The box needs to have repairs done in a few places. Nice graphics. $290 plus shipping.      
JSOD-12 Loto Game by McLoughlin Brothers of New York. Appears complete but not sure. 19th century. $300    
JSNM-13 Jack-In-The-Box - probably from the 50s. Mechanism doesn't work. $25        
JSTNM-15 Sold