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Hustler Toys Wanted

Hustler Toy Company made over 100 different toys and I have about 25 of them. Many more to go! Here are a few of those I don't have. Pardon the poor quality of images - most are from catalog copies from the Sterling, Illinois library and patent copies.

I don't know what Hustler called this one or if they put it into production, but it sure looks cute! I call it Clown in a Jalopy.
Hustler Doc Stork
Looks like a wheelbarrow with a duck head in front and a sand bucket. From a design patent. Want complete with shovel.
Hustler Elephant and Trainer
Hustler Elephant Parade
Probably a riding toy. Size unknown. From a design patent.
Jungle Pals - the Lion is red.
Limber Jack
Hustler Quacky Duck
Hustler Rabbit from a design patent.
Rastus and Rachel
Sam Hustler Transfer
Hustler San Fish - complete with shovel
Hustler Scotty - he is not a Scotty, but that's what they called it.
Hustler Speed Boat
From a design patent. I don't know what they called it but I have seen one - in poor condition.

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