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The George H. Barlow III
Smith-Shriver Miniature Circus

The Smith-Shriver Circus
This great 5/8 scale circus was recently sent to me for restoration and disposition. It was made by the Barlow and Bailey Company of Binghamton, New York in the early 1930s. It was made by George H. Barlow III for Morton Smith of Cooke County Texas.
I am working on the wagons now and will start on the three great tents in August. 
I should be finished by March 2010. 
Contact me if you have interest in, or information about this circus.
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The Smith-Shriver Sideshow Banner Line
The sideshow banners in this scale model circus are fabulous. They are hand made and depict actual sideshow actors of the 1920 and 1930s. I have 17 altogether- each different. I fabricated this sideshow banner line to display them realistically. Each is about 7.5 X 12 inches. Looks great with a Schoenhut Humpty Dumpty circus tent. I will be assembling up to 6 more of these banner lines in the coming month. Check with me if you are interested in these great pieces.


One of the three tent canvas wagons. This wagon is shown unloaded at right.

The stake wagon has six main poles and over 180 side poles.

The third tent canvas wagon.

Jim erecting the Big Top. There wasn't room to insert all of the center sections. They would have increased the length from about 8 feet to about 12 feet.