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Strong National Museum of Play

We were honored in 2009 to have been invited to photograph old toys at the Strong  National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York. The Strong museum has one of the best museum toy collections in the world. They are the home for the National Toy Hall of Fame. Dr. Gene Metcalf and I were hosted during our visit by:

Patricia Hogan - Curator
Nicolas Ricketts, Curator
Carol Sandler - Director of Library and Archives

The museum is located at:

Strong National Museum of Play
One Manhattan Square
Rochester, NY 14607
Phone: 585-263-2700

The Strong museum is a museum of play so it is a favorite family outing. There are hundreds of interactive play stations specifically designed for youngsters. You'll see your children's favorite TV and story book characters.

We were able to formally photograph many selected toys. Photos of some of our pictures can be found in other sections of All About Old Toys.

Gene admiring a display of old trains.

The Strong museum has a huge collection of antique games.

The entrance to Reading Adventureland

The entrance to the museum's Berestain Bear's exhibit.

The museum has many great displays related to their play theme.

The entrance to the National Toy Hall of Fame

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