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Schoenhut, Norah Wellings, and Other Dolls

Most of the dolls for sale in the list below are from a long-time Schoenhut doll collector who lived in New Mexico. I will be adding dolls to this list from time-to-time so check back often. Offers welcome - Jim

Postage via insured Priority mail within the 48 contiguous states is included in price unless otherwise indicated. Will quote a final discounted price with shipping for purchase of more than one piece. I will quote shipping outside of the USA. We have customers in Australia, The Netherlands, Switzerland and other countries. Money back if not satisfied.   

How to Buy
If you are interested in purchasing any item in this shop, contact Jim at: and tell me what you are interested in. 

I can take payments through:

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I will quote shipping outside of the USA to almost any country.

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All pieces carry a money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

Schoenhut doll and circus pieces - restringing and re-springing. From $12. Will also do other, similar toys such as Cameo and Jaymar. We can do some minor repairs and touchups. Can also make or replace some missing parts. Contact me for details and quotes.

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Item number

(unsold pieces are shown in green or blue)

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SDNM - 1 Parsons Jackson Infant Doll - blue eyes. About 13 inches from toe to top of head. Very nice condition. Burgundy colored knitted sweater and socks. Undergarment appears older. Stork label molded into upper back. Nice doll. $250  $170 Sold  
SDNM - 2 Schoenhut Toddler Doll 107 - about 13 inches from toe to top of head. Label on back reads: "Schoenhut Doll Pat. Jan 17th, 1911". Nice vintage dress with matching bonnet. Nice newer stockings. Deep blue eyes. Sold

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SDNM - 3 Schoenhut Doll 16/102 - ca 1911. Brown eyes. Hand stitched dress - looks old. No repainting is evident. Paint loss to nose. Newer looking shoes. Vintage looking under-garments. Label missing from her back. Sold
SDNM - 4 Schoenhut Boy Doll 205 - 14.5 inches tall. Label on his back. Brown eyes. Nice suit and hat - not old. Shoes not original Paint loss to hair and face. Sold  
SDNM - 5 Schoenhut Doll 106 - 14.5 inches tall. In nicely made, non-factory, dress. Ca 1912-1916. New shoes. Paint loss to face and to cap. Brown eyes. No touchup is evident. Sold  
SDNM - 6 Schoenhut Doll 308 - brown eyes. 1920s style dress. About 14.5 inches tall. Her pretty silk bonnet looks older than dress. Shoes not original. Unknown if wig is original. No touchup is evident. A few paint chips and cracks to face. No back label. $500  $390 Sold  
SD-7 China Doll - from a Southern Indiana estate. Note the exceptional detail in the way the eyes are painted. Stands 19 inches tall. Head is about 3 inches from the top of her head to the bottom of her chin. Dress has a lot of hand stitching. Most of the black velvet buttons on the left side of her dress are missing but could easily be replaced. Old-style snap buttons down the back of her dress. Fashionable hat is made from black velvet. Cape is a nice addition. Very beautiful doll. Age unknown but I would guess 19th century. I don't know if the dress is from the doll factory but is very well done. Pretty undergarments. Click on thumbnails images to see larger images. $480  $320
SDNM-8 Miss Dolly - model 317. Brown decal eyes with black threading. 20 inches tall. Wig is old - may be original. Face paint very nice. Modern suit. Decal mark on back. $450  $370 Sold  
SDNM-9 Miss Dolly - about 15 inches tall. Model 316. Eyes and forehead repainted. Right hand not Schoenhut. Modern dress. New wig. $90 $70 Sold    
SDNM-10 Miss Dolly model 316 - about 20 inches tall. Painted eye. Impressed mark. Modern dress and shoes. Tiny paint touchups on left cheek, nose brow, and forehead. Appears to be original wig.  $430  Sold  
SDNM-11 Miss Dolly - model 316. Blue painted eyes. Well detailed teeth. Wig may not be original. Cheek and upper lip paint rub. 22 inches tall. Modern dress. Impressed mark. $390  $300 Sold  
SDNM-12 Schoenhut model 312 - 14 1/2 inches tall. Some roughness around the left side of her mouth around to chin area. UV inspection does not show any paint differences. Nice newer clothes. New wig. Impressed mark. Sold  
SDNM-13 Schoenhut doll - model 308. Paint loss to nose and lips. About 18 inches tall. Nice black modern suit. Wig new. Sold  
SDNM-14 Schoenhut model 405 boy in football suit. Doll appears to be all original with no repaint. Hair paint is unusual on these. Football suit is modern - nicely done. Schoenhut decal on his back. 18 inches tall. Sold  
SDNM-16 Clown doll - over-stuffed. Age unknown but UV inspection shows no modern brighteners so likely from the 1920s or 1930s. Head feels like a composition material. About 10 inches tall. Very nice condition. $60  $40    
SDNM-17 Sold      
SDNM-18 Old stuffed bear - retains most of his fur. Stuffed with a straw-like material. 21 inches tall. Old repairs to paws. $80  $40 Sold      
SDNM-19 Old stuffed bear - a little dirty from play. Good condition. About 16 inches tall. $50  $30


SDNM-20 Baby doll - maker unknown. Face rough. Modern dress. Sold    
SDNM-21 Schoenhut Doll Bungalow - I haven't found the model number in my Schoenhut catalogs. Made in the 1930s. In excellent condition, inside and out. 24 inches wide and 20 inches tall. Rare this nice. $750  $500

SDNM-22 Girl 21/315 rare paint variety   This is the exact doll shown on page 108 illustration 222 of Carol Corson’s Schoenhut Doll book – not the same style doll, the same doll. Carol indicates that there are only two known painted like this. Wig is old and probably original. Dress old and underwear old. Apron, socks are newer but still must be 30+ years old. Shoes are old and probably factory original but missing their toe bows. She is 21 inches tall so is a version of a 21/315. Rare Schoenhut doll. Sold
SDNM-23 Schoenhut doll - total repaint. Dress vintage. Wig appears modern. Sold        
SDNM-24 Dutch Fisherman and knitting wife dolls. Maker unknown. Bodies and shoes are wood. Heads hollow composition. Each about 11.5 inches tall. Held together with elastic cord like Schoenhut. $350  $270  
SDNM-25 Schoenhut doll 19/308 - incised mark. Intaglio eyes. Original wig. Old dress with repair at top left front. Nice new shoes and socks. Undergarments appear newer. I don't see any evidence of repaint anywhere. Sold, like everything I sell, will a money-back guarantee. Sold




SDNM-26 Grodnertal Doll - finely done. Age unknown. Tip of left shoe repaired. Dress is nicely made but recent. Undergarments appear to be very old. $220  

Norah Wellings Dolls

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NWNM-1 Young Man - about 7 inches tall in excellent condition. Label on bottom of shoe reads: "Made in England by Norah Wellings". Sold        
NWNM-2 Boy in white hat - about 8 inches tall. A little soiled. Label on bottom of shoe reads: "Made in England by Norah Wellings".Sold        
NWNM-3 Dutch Girl on left. Peach top and green skirt. Excellent condition. About 8 inches tall. Label on bottom of shoe reads: "Made in England by Norah Wellings". Sold        
NWNM-4 Girl on right same as on left but some soiling. Sold        
NWNM-5 American Indian - Tag on one shoe: " Reg. Design No. 750327 Label on bottom of other shoe reads: "Made in England by Norah Wellings". Excellent condition. About 9 inches tall. Sold        
NWNM-6 Jockey - about 9.5 inches tall. Excellent condition. Label on bottom of shoe reads: "Made in England by Norah Wellings". Sold        
NWNM-7 Norah Wellings - Little Pixie. Her tag read "I'm one of Norah Wellings' "Little Pixie People"" About 10 inches tall. Small tear at inside of her pants. Sold

Small fabric tear upper right leg and to her left shoe.

NWNM-8 Constable - about 8 inches tall. Label on bottom of shoe reads: "Made in England by Norah Wellings". Sold        
NWNM-9 Sailor - "T. S. M. V. Mercator One" About 7 inches tall. Excellent condition Sold        
NWNM-10 Norah Wellings Sailor. A little soiled.  About 11 inches tall. Sold        
NWNM-11 Norah Wellings - Scotsman. Excellent condition. Very pretty. About 12 inches tall. Label on bottom of shoe reads: "Made in England by Norah Wellings". Sold        
NWNM-12 Soldier in grey - About 10 inches tall. Label on bottom of shoe reads: "Made in England by Norah Wellings". Very cute. Sold      
NWNM-13 Norah Wellings - British soldier in dress uniform. Excellent condition. Very pretty. 10 inches tall.

Label on bottom of shoe reads: "Made in England by Norah Wellings" Sold