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Click here to see the Sneed's sales page  *
I buy the Schoenhut Humpty Dumpty circus - single pieces or collections.

The Carolina Collection  *
Many new rare pieces listed 5 Oct 2023
We are adding great Humpty Dumpty circus pieces
to the Carolina collection page right now. Check them out by clicking here.

Over 100 pieces are listed

Schoenhut Circus for sale  *

George Barlow Miniature Circus
Fabulous circus tents ca 1929

Maryland Collection  *
Big Collection

*  Ohio Collection  *
New - 3 Feb 2023 - all Glass Eyes Animals

Mid-West Collection  *
About 200 circus pieces and 100 Rolly Dollys plus tents

New Mexico Humpty Dumpty Circus Collection For sale  *

Pennsylvania Humpty Dumpty Circus Collection For Sale  *
About 50 nice quality pieces including tents

Reduced Size Collection  *
About 50 reduced size pieces left

Iowa Collection  *

Dolls For sale  *

Schoenhut Pinn Dolls for Sale  *
About 8 pieces - a couple still in their box

Wilson Walkies for sale  *

Carnival Tin Toys for Sale  *
 About 12 nice pieces for sale

Today's featured items for sale

Humpty Dumpty circus lithograph tent.

click here to view pictures


Schoenhut Fairfield
Western Maryland Dairy Milk Wagon
It is complete including its original bell.


click here to view pictures


SA Smith Bald Eagle Riding Toy

click here to view pictures

He is item number JSCAR-47


About 15 Chein Carnival Toys

Click Here to see them


A Miniature Humpty Dumpty circus for sale
Click here


Teddy Roosevelt Native for sale
click here



We are excited to present fine antique toy dealers for your collecting experience.  To buy a toy, simply contact the respective dealer for further information about any toy and for purchasing instructions. Over $1000 in antique toy sales are made this way through this site, on average, each month. We ship to most countries.

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