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Contact Information

Questions:  Email me with your questions about old toys and I will try to help.  I can almost never identify a toy without a photograph.  We are pretty good with toys made before 1950 but not very good with modern toys.  Generally, if it has plastic parts, we probably won't know it.

Buying:  We do buy old toys, particularly wooden ones and especially circus toys. They should be in very good or better condition and complete. Some very rare and desirable toys we will buy even if not complete. 

Articles:  If you want to write an article for this Web site, email me with your idea and I will advise you how to proceed.  We have published many articles by toy collectors and researchers and encourage you to write.  It will enhance your collecting experience.

About me:  I am the Editor of the Schoenhut Collectors Club Newsletter and a collector of the Schoenhut Humpty Dumpty circus.  I am a retired computer engineer and my wife Judy is a retired teacher.

Visits:  If you are ever in the Charleston, South Carolina area and want to see my collection or the toys I have for sale, contact me.

My email:

Note: I cannot identify your old toys from descriptions - I'll need for you to email me photos.